Saturday, 10 December 2011

Surprise, surprise... IT ISN'T ME.

Tadaa! Here I am. Blogging!

Of course, secretly (or not-so-secretly, since I just admitted it) this is beginning as a way to deal with stress a la Watson's blog from the popular BBC series Sherlock.

I love that thing!

So, why am I stressed? I may as well tell you (why not? <sarcasm>It's not like the internet will just me<sarcasm>). Lately, my family has made arguing into an art. Well, I say art - what I really mean is art in the way that a post-modernist toilet is art.

Soooooo not art.

My father and my brother have been arguing for months. Ever since my brother finished his GCSEs and bought StarCraft, they've been, metaphorically, trying to kill each other. With words, I mean. My brother likes games and is a follower of this thing he calls 'e-sport' (to you and I, that means competitive gaming) and this causes trouble when my brother refuses to do anything but play this game; my dad doesn't like that and then... then it goes to hell.


I was always more of a Warcaft III person myself. FOR THE HORDE!

I don't even know what I'm doing. I am likely to regret this later.

So, it was either write this blog or go to a friends house - I'm short of friends though. The one friend I have a number for is busy, the other - on twitter - doesn't know how to react (I don't blame her) and the rest... How can I justify disturbing them? They don't know me that well or they have their own problems.

Fuck, this is long already.

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